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Meet Concerto Thought Leader – Andrew Flitman

29 July 2020 NINA CORLEISON 3 min read

Business Modelling Expert / Higher Education Strategist / Professor

5 ways business analytics helps deliver successful construction project outcomes

12 July 2020 NEIL PATEL & SHIVENDRA KUMAR 3 min read

Construction projects of all sizes have many moving parts. Traditionally, data in construction has been used as more of a reporting tool by business analysts; however, data can serve as a crucial informer of strategic decision making. Due to the inherently complex nature of construction projects, managing and processing vast amounts of data from multiple […]

5 valuable outputs using a value-driver psychological assessment tool

27 April 2020 REUBEN KEARNEY 2 min read

Let’s start with bursting the myth that it’s impossible to measure the financial value of all HR focused projects.

Maintaining human perspective in the age of Digital Darwinism

21 April 2020 SHIVENDRA KUMAR 3 min read

The truth digital projects don’t hide.

Managing in the post COVID-19 world

14 April 2020 MARK DOUGALL 2 min read

While we are in now in the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic with businesses either shut-down, in “hibernation” and/or struggling to survive, the question we should be asking at this…

How to get the right inputs into a value driver psychological assessment tool

12 April 2020 REUBEN KEARNEY < 1

Your organisational inputs can provide an understanding of how your organisation currently operates in a Value-Driver Psychological Assessment Tool (VD-PAT). Inputs are collected from surveys, interviews, observations and enterprise data….

Higher Education’s solution to proactively managing responses to COVID-1

26 March 2020 MARK DOUGALL & GREG HILL 2 min read

The rapidly developing impacts of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on businesses and government has resulted in a reactive response to dealing with this crisis. While this is an expected reaction given this…

How can you benefit from Workforce Analytics?


Many startups and small-to-medium sized businesses operate without workforce analytics, essentially sticking with traditional human resource strategies to run that side of the business. While technically there’s nothing wrong with…

Success in Seclusion: how to take advantage of remote working

23 March 2020 SHIVENDRA KUMAR 6 min read

So many things had significantly changed about work in the past decade, but companies still required people to do most of their work at the office. Today, the vast majority…

Balancing opposing elements; Strategic Game Design & Business Planning


The business environment is constantly evolving and we at Concerto want to make sure you are armed with all you need to know when it comes to leveraging your company’s…