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Mining Model

Prepare tenders and track performance against KPIs

This model demonstrates how to use a rates library to build up a tender cost. The model can be expanded and built out for complex tenders including fixed margin, schedule of rates and cost plus tender commercials. 

Business Improvement Project Model

How to track your business improvement projects

This model is ideal for project managers, improvement leads, analysts and consultants seeking to track the performance and benefits of BI projects..

Enthalpy CIS Model

Unlock project value and reduce project risks

Concerto digital platform integrates data from Power BI, cost estimation and scheduling software and providing direct access to Enthalpy Capital Investment System.

Headcount Planning Model
Headcount Planning

A model that allows you to build metrics to understand your existing talent workforce needs.

This model allows you to refine and inform budget projections for headcount analysis, forecasting and efficiency enablement. 
Constraint Model
Constraint Model

Improve productivity by using the Concerto constraint modelling features.

This Lean based model demonstrates how time and constraint data analysis can be used to assess the performance, cost and productivity of office based staff.

Fixed & Mobile Plant Yield Model

This time model breaks down and categorises all available time that can be related to yield & costs

This model can be used to drive costs and production/yield for mining, manufacturing and production equipment, as well as maintenance and transport equipment.

Project ROI Model
5 ways business analytics helps improve construction projects

Check your Projects ROI before you invest

This model helps you to visualise, simulate and optimise you project returns on investment simply and fast to aid project business case justification and decision making.

Budgeting & Forecasting Model
Budgeting & Forecasting Model

Quick and easy Budgeting & Forecasting for business teams

This model allows your to plan zero-based budgeting, top down and bottom up, and rolling monthly forecasting processes.  Create as many scenarios as you like in the Scenario Library.

Combined Liquity Model
Combined Liquidity Model

A combined financial model which covers cashflow, Bal. Sheet and P & L

This model helps you to visualise, simulate and optimise changes in key drivers of financial performance. Its ideal for Analysts and Managers who look to visualise financial preformance in a deck top or tablet based platform.