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Meet Concerto Thought Leader – Andrew Flitman

29 July 2020 NINA CORLEISON 3 min read

Business Modelling Expert / Higher Education Strategist / Professor

Case Study: Premcar and Nissan Australia X Concerto

Case Study: Premcar and Nissan Australia X Concerto

08 April 2020 PAUL MCLOUGHLIN & NICOLE HINDSON 3 min read

Company Background

Balancing opposing elements; Strategic Game Design & Business Planning


The business environment is constantly evolving and we at Concerto want to make sure you are armed with all you need to know when it comes to leveraging your company’s…

Thought Leader in business improvement meet Shivendra Kumar

21 February 2020 SHIVENDRA KUMAR < 1

Shivendra Kumar is a master of business theory. But more than that, he is a master of practical implementation, having earned his stripes developing and managing business improvement programs with…

Finding value through innovation and culture change

15 January 2020 STEPHEN WILLIAMS 2 min read

Long and short term organisational objectives often collide around creating value, supporting innovation and organisational culture. All industry sectors are awash with offers from management consultants and technology partners promising…