Digital transformation for DIFOT Australia

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In Srindhar Sunkara’s Forbes article; Culture Shifts That Drive Digital Transformation For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses, he outlined that digital transformation is no longer reserved for large multibillion-dollar and trillion dollar companies, small and medium sized businesses are now taking advantage of emerging technologies as well as ensuring they too have a growth mindset to assist their business to scale by improving their efficiency and continuous growth business model. Interestingly, the IDC predicts the global spend on digital transformation will hit $2 trillion by 2022. With this in mind, digital transformation should be top of mind when thinking about your 2020 business strategy.

One of our Partners; DIFOT Australia, is one of these small to medium-sized businesses that is pivoting towards digital transformation as they recognise the importance of differentiating their offering in the world of Change Management, LEAN Processes and Business Improvement.

DIFOT Australia’s new digital offering, Concerto, is allowing them to support their customers in a far more tangible and effective manner across the industry sectors they support as they recognised the need to bolster their services with an effective digital solution to ensure that their customers can continue their Improvement Journey.

“Concerto has allowed us to provide a very clear and interactive diagnostic framework that can be deployed rapidly to model the value stream down to an individual operation, activity or piece of capital. With the ability to digitally map all business processes and the functionality of bolting models together. Concerto has enabled us to complete simulations for the future state showing the impact of implementing change within the sectors and throughout the wider organisation.

By using Concerto modelling and running multiple business-driven simulations we are now working even closer with our Customers ensuring that ROIs for investments are visualised through dashboards before undertaking specific projects and throughout the execution phase driving flexibility, visibility, and aligned ownership within the cross functional teams.

A very powerful part of the process is to be able to train our Customers’ employees with the use of Concerto so they can become self-sufficient and continue to model their business with map future state scenarios to continually improve and streamline business processes.” – Ash Saini, Director of DIFOT

I have worked with Ash Saini for approximately 5 years in the business transformation and change management consultancy fields prior to Ash establishing DIFOT Australia. So, it’s been fantastic to be a part of this transformation journey that DIFOT is undertaking through the alignment of digital and technology-based solutions using Concerto, this progression just further evolves DIFOT’s offering and gives them an advantage when pitching for new clients or enabling a new way in with current clients. Concerto is the difference to keeping your business front of mind.

Paul McLoughlin is a General Manager of Concerto with a strong focus in business improvement consultancy, he assists organisations to crystallise their strategy for operational, people and analytics transformation.