Analytics and the CFO: finding and creating value

30 October 2019 STEPHEN WILLIAMS
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Executive Summary: This white paper discusses the expanding role of the CFO and the requirement for new capabilities within the office of the CFO. The paper notes that a key challenge for many CFOs is the development of enhanced analytics capability which supports and underpins business strategy.

The paper describes the limitations of existing approaches and highlights the need for an enterprise wide value modelling analytics platform.

This white paper recommends a new analytics platform, Concerto. Concerto is designed to support CFOs and their teams with advanced optimisation, simulation, decision making and rapid re-forecasting capability, while providing deep insight on operational costs, productivities, KPIs and benchmarks.

CFO Concerto White Paper 2019.pdf

About Concerto Analytics: Concerto Analytics is an Australian based Industry Solution Software Developer. Concerto Analytics specialises in the development and customisation of analytics solutions. Concerto Analytics works with innovative business partners who are specialists in Technology, Engineering, Project Delivery and Operational Improvement to develop customised solutions for our clients. Our team has worked on projects in Europe, Canada, North America, South America, Africa, Scandinavia, Asia and Australia.

Stephen Willams is co-owner and CEO of Concerto Analytics, a technology company that improves their clients business performance. His blogs cover a wide range of topics from software to organisational business dynamics and relationship management.