Product Update – 2nd November, 2020

02 November 2020 Vivek Bhusal & Julien Barone
2 min read

Product Update – 2nd November, 2020 –  The development team is constantly working on product improvements, stability, security enhancements, and new features to improve your Concerto experience.

New Features:

Introducing the Concerto Marketplace!

With this new release comes the introduction of the Concerto Marketplace. The marketplace is a community-driven platform for buying, selling, and sharing industry and business-related content solutions within Concerto.

Different users will be able to lever this store of ideas and digital content in ways that best serve them, including;

  • the ability to showcase their own business and industry solutions
  • a means of deploying content to customers who are also using Concerto
  • bolster existing model libraries with the ability to purchase and install items from the Marketplace
  • publish, license, and monetise content
  • consult with customers to publish content of their own

There are already solutions available for installation on the Marketplace, we encourage our users to have a look and explore for themselves.

Any interest in uploading content to the Marketplace? Please contact for further information on how to make it happen!

Feature can be found in: Launchpad >  Marketplace tab

Explore from an array of different content, end-to-end solutions, individual models with powerful applications that can be incorporated in your own builds, and more!


Use ‘Categories’ to quickly find solutions that matter to you.


Click an available item on the Marketplace to get a preview and description of the underlying content, as provided by the author. From this preview window, users are also able to install and purchase solutions.



‘Invite’ your teammates from the comfort of the Launchpad

Users now have the ability to invite their teammates right from the Launchpad! Using the ‘Invite’ option. Add one person, or multiple at once!


Microsoft Account Sign-up & Sign-in

New users can join Concerto using their Microsoft account details, and will be able to continue to sign-in using Microsoft option.


Minor Changes, Fixes, & Improvements:

  • Improvement – Subscription and payment selection
  • Improvement – Improved support for use of Concerto in private browsing sessions
  • Improvement – Optimisation of document and model load times in Concerto view
  • Change – Ability to bulk map and assign a Concerto Datasource to multiple metrics at once
  • Fix – Many fixes throughout the application were introduced with this release.