Product Update – 30th August, 2020

30 August 2020 Vivek Bhusal & Julien Barone
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The development team is constantly working on product improvements, stability, security enhancements, and new features to improve your Concerto experience.

New Features:

Metric Document Link

Users can now add web document links to their metrics! This feature allows analysts to easily marry document management with value modelling, providing even further depth to Concerto models.

Per metric, this feature may also be leveraged to create links to relevant websites, articles, or even other web applications.

Feature can be found in: Modeller > Metric tab > Business Definition section > Documents (see below).

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Users unable to upload .jpeg, .png, and .webp images in Team tab folders.
  • Fixed: Error trying to create new folders in Team tab folders.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing users from importing models into newly created document.
  • Fixed: Nested link nodes not showing attribute data.
  • Fixed: Error with ‘Save As/Copy’ function in modeller.
  • Fixed: Nested link nodes showing metric ID in metric title.
  • Fixed: Document thumbnails in Recent and Favourites tabs of Launchpad, failing to appear.
  • Change: Added validator for new users setting their password, encourage strong password selection amongst userbase.
  • Change: Increase max metric ID character count to 20 characters.