Product Update – 4rth May, 2020

04 May 2020 Vivek Bhusal & Julien Barone
2 min read

The development team is constantly working on product improvements, stability, security enhancements, and new features to improve your Concerto experience.

New Features:

Calculate after Aggregation Feature

‘Calculate after aggregation’ is a feature that allows a user to determine the order of operations in which an individual metric calculates relative to aggregation of data over time.

The in-app tooltip reads “Metric calculation performed on aggregated model AFTER all other formulas are executed and data is aggregated”, please refer to screenshot of the Concerto product below.

Here’s a snap shot of functionality in action in the below basic example;

  • Intervals of time: January, February
  • Metrics: Metric A, Metric B, Metric C
  • Metric A Data: January = ‘Calculated’ [ ‘Metric B’/ ‘Metric C’ ], February = ‘Calculated’ [ ‘Metric B’/ ‘Metric C’ ]
  • Metric B Data: January = 20, February = 20
  • Metric C Data: January = 10, February = 10

Copy Data from Scenarios to Key Figures

This new functionality allows users yet another option to quickly copy, manipulate, and transpose data between key figures, as well as scenarios. It is ideal for the mobile user, who no longer needs to rely on highlighting, copying, and pasting, but instead, being able to explicitly determine the exact portion and parameters of a dataset that they would like to copy over to a key figure or scenario, in an easy-to-use window of configurations.

Domain (Workspace) Admins can rejoice, the reality of onboarding users just got easier! Should a newly added user’s activation link ever get blocked, lost, or broken, an admin can now go to the Users page and find a unique invitation link that can be sent out manually. This functionality provides an easy answer to any one of the number of issues that can arise in today’s organisational e-mail landscape i.e. domain permissions, automated anti-spam protocols, etc.

(Admin) Billings Page

A new point-of-access for workspace administrators to manage Concerto subscription(s).

General Improvements:

  1. API on doc-model data saving for larger sets of data, for improved performance.
  2. Metric Business Definition: Users can now leverage ‘metric definition’ as a touch-point for additional note-taking, as it now displays alongside the business definition of a model in the metric header window for a respective metric.
  3. General improvements to Datasource spreadsheet uploads.
  4. Datasource log for users.