Thought Leaders and their worth in data-gold

· Nicole Hindson & Reuben Kearney · 3 min read

Every now and again, you’ll see a natural leader that personifies expertise and knowledge, authenticates information, challenges the status quo and most notably is recognised for the change and progress that they have enabled in their specialised field and sector. These individuals are mostly recognised as Thought Leaders, their intellectual property has merit and clout, so it’s as if you have been gifted an endless supply of quality information and luckily for us, Thought Leaders realise the power of sharing one’s learnings and teachings.

For years, businesses’ and individuals have shied away from sharing their research and learnings, it was seen as being ‘too transparent’ or ‘giving away’ trade secrets. But this very want and need for transparency has given rise to some thought-provoking individuals and companies who amplify our interests and push us to invest in our passions. These Thought Leaders have found their niche in the market and are willing to share all that they have learnt along the way.

Thought Leaders can give use a broader perspective on a variety of topics, educate us, leave us with ‘food for thought’ and empower us to believe in our own passions and pursue new ideas, products, thoughts and ways to achieve success. One of our very own Thought Leaders who inspires us to keep moving the dial with our business intelligence product; Concerto, is Reuben Kearney (below image).

Reuben Kearney is a business intelligence expert specialising in value driver tree (VDT) modelling. Reuben has mastered the art of VDTs and how to make better business decisions by leveraging company data analytics rather than relying on ‘gut’ instinct – let’s be honest, we’ve all been there before, tasked to shed light on why the business should move ahead with certain proposals or explain past decisions.

Reuben has spent his professional career concentrating on the Australian and New Zealand markets where he’s worked across many industries such as Non-Profit, Aviation, Healthcare, Retail, Construction, Financial, Mining & Natural Resources, Legal as well as state and local government. Reuben’s forte is management consulting across a number of functions including; Operations, Supply Chain, Ecommerce, Procurement, Information Technology, Human Resources and Finance.

Along with his impressive breadth of industry sectors and functions, Reuben has also established and owned a range of companies including; professional services, analytics, investment and retail ecommerce for both B2B and B2C businesses. Testament to Reuben’s drive and expertise his newly affirmed management consultancy; Reign Makers Capital.

We welcome Reuben onboard as a Thought Leader in his field of business analytics and as an expert in everything VDT model related, we are excited to share more on Reuben’s journey, passion, work to date and future pursuits in our upcoming articles.

Reuben Kearney is part owner of Reign Makers Capital, a specialist management consulting firm focused on helping their clients improve their performance using facts. His blogs cover topics related to value driver tree modelling, agile improvement, project management and workforce analytics.

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