To purchase more Concerto licenses for your team, contact a Concerto Maestro at

You must be a Domain Admin to add more users. As a Domain Admin, you will have access to an ‘Admin’ tab. Here, you’ll find a section marked 'Users' where you can add more users to your license.

'My Drive' is a storage space exclusive to you. 'Team Drive' is a shared storage environment for collaborative content management.

Of course! Each department can be assigned its own respective folder, providing groups of users their own space to manage content. After assigning individual users in a department to a ‘User Group’ you can then designate permission to the group by selecting ‘Folder Security’ within the ‘Admin’ tab.

Your Domain Admin will be able to give you permission to access the ‘Team Drive’ by selecting ‘Folder Security’ within the ‘Admin’ tab.

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